Friday, December 20, 2013

Member Spotlight - Billy Hafferty

Interview of Billy Hafferty by Brendan Hall

BHall: Haff, as incredibly open and honest as you are, I think most of BTT would still consider you a man of mystery, a conundrum or perhaps even a half-unwrapped piece of sprinkle-encrusted candy.  Please tell us about yourself. (i.e. Where did you grow up? Family life? College?  Formative athletic experiences?)

Hafferty: Huh? My story? Okay. Sandwich is where I called home growing up, conveniently located just about the half-way mark on the Boston to P-town ride. I went to school not too far from home at Mass Maritime Academy (“MMA”) where I called myself an offensive lineman, a “prop” on the rugby pitch, and the Student Government Association (“SGA”) student trustee. I did a lot of things at MMA; but swimming, biking, and especially running were never one of them.

BHall: You were a grizzly lineman at Mass Maritime, eh?  How much weight have you lost since then and how did you get into triathlon?

Hafferty: I graduated MMA at about 230. My top weight was about 240 and I am pretty happy to say I am not THAT big anymore… I got off my car carrier after spending a few months in the lovely Persian Gulf and after a week or so of owning Call of Duty n00bs, I decided I had to stop being a slob. I went for a run. I was living in Somerville at the time and I couldn’t tell you where I went but I ran for about an hour and felt miserable. After a long sit down meeting with one of my more, how do you say, “porcelain” friends, I decided I wanted to run a half marathon. I had no idea what or how to train (still don’t) but I fell in love with running and training, and I loved seeing the pounds fall off.

It was a new me after a while and none of my friends or family knew what got into me. I finished the Providence “Rock and Roll” half (in quotes because the bands couldn’t play, it was raining so hard) in the pouring rain and with a huge smile on my face. I needed more. I was addicted. My brother convinced me to get a bike, so I did, and started riding (still with no concept of how far “far” was). That was the benefit of having 6 months of paid vacation per year! I did whatever I wanted and rode for however long I wanted.

I have no idea how I found my first sprint tri (Middlebury, Connecticut) or why I signed up for it. No clue. Not one. I bought a wet suit off of Craigslist from a guy who looked like my size (never tried it on) and toed the line without ever swimming for any sort of distance. (I hit the first turn buoy of a ½ mile swim and did the back stroke the rest of the way. I thought I was going to die. After the race I deemed an IRONMAN impossible. But still I needed more. For the record, I can still throw down in Call of Duty.

BHall: It's a well-known fact (to Tim Daley and me, at least) that you have spent a considerable amount of time at sea. You’re a decorated Seaman.  There, I said it.  What the hell were you doing out there?  How did you pass the time and what was the most interesting sea creature you encountered?

Hafferty: It’s weird being gone for so long… and when the ship wasn’t passing my time for me, I found even weird ways to occupy my time. (One of) The weirdest being that I would read as many “stranded at sea” books as I could find. I have no idea why but that is just what I wanted to read. They are highly symbolic and very intriguing, don’t get me wrong, but why I wanted to read them and only them in my free time (not much), I had no idea. Books like Unbroken (great because this one was about being stranded at sea AND running), Life of Pi, Old Man and the Sea, Master and Commander, and Perfect Storm…

The most interesting sea creature I have ever encountered was a bartender in Bremerhaven, Germany. It’s a long story and I haven’t had enough tequila tonight to tell it…

BHall: There is a legend of a man who disembarked from his ship in the San Francisco Bay, ran 10+ miles to the Golden Gate Bridge, snapped a selfie, emailed it to his boss and then ran 10+ miles back to the ship, all for the allure of overtime pay.  Are you that man? 

Hafferty: Ha! That is I… Kind of. I had the watch in the engine room from noon to midnight… The chief engineer asked me if I could possibly extend my two month stay on the grand hotel-de-oil-tanker luxury cruise line. I told him unfortunately I could not because I was committed to my first 50k… When he found out the date of the race and did a little math, his next question was “How are you going to run 31 miles two weeks after you get off the ship and with no training?” I told him I had no idea and he then threw down a bold statement and, minus a few expletives, said if I could run to the Golden Gate Bridge from the ship (docked in Richmond, CA),  not only would he stand my watch but he would pay me to do it!... Seeing this as my only opportunity to become a professional runner for a day, I spoke no more of the challenge and went to bed once I was relieved of watch (midnight). I signed off the ship at 0330 and since you can’t run over the San Rafael Bridge, I took a cab to the end of it and got on my little way – It was pitch black out but I had my head lamp and cell phone. I, very timely I might add, snapped a selfie with the ship across the bay and sent it to the chief at 8am (union coffee break time). It was about 18 miles to the bridge and afterwards I decided to “gump it” and just keep going… I ran to the curvy and famous Lombard Street. I ran up a hill to catch a trolley and rode it around for a bit sightseeing in my running shorts. I took a cab back because my pockets were fat and legs were tired (both from running all day)! Chief was pissed. It was awesome.

BHall: I don't mean to “out” you in front of BTT like this but you are a serious Cross-Fitter which is quite controversial in the tri community. Do all those flying burpee- pull-up-tire-jump-flips help you when you’re out on the race course? If so, please elaborate...

Hafferty: Ahhh you went there! Crossfit started for me as just another way to get my heart rate up and move around a bit. I’ve always been obsessed with the movement of the body. I think everyone has the right to be able to express themselves fully through movement and range of motion (maybe that’s why I like to dance so much?) But seriously, flexibility and mobility is huge. Being able to get down into a full squat without raising your heels off the ground, being able to hold a hand stand.

Crossfit really grew on me after I hurt myself training for the Hyannis half marathon this past February. My IT band was shot after the race and I didn’t want it to happen again. I wanted to get stronger and correct the movement. That is what Crossfit did for me. I couldn’t run for months after the Hyannis half but squatting, lunging, and jumping rope were awesome. Crossfit is high intensity functional movement and as long as you listen to your body and not be stupid (some Crossfitters are) about form and weight you aren’t ready to lift, it will pay dividends huge.

Crossfit is high intensity functional movement. Watch somebody do a “strict muscle up” on the rings (Youtube it) and tell me… if you put the person horizontal, in the water, it is not the perfect hand and elbow position for a swim stroke…. Or doing a heavy set of squatting; if you can keep your knees from going valgus, your core tight, and neck long it will help you do the same thing on the bike or running, it will enable you to access your glutes and posterior chain (bigger muscles) while you go thru a pedal stroke or a stride.

BHall: Speaking of absurd acrobatics, many of us watched with great delight as you crossed the hallowed ground of the IM Lake Placid finish line…on your hands.  Was that a product of your brain short-circuiting after 140.6 miles or was it a bit of premeditated tomfoolery? 

Hafferty: Ha. I knew I wanted to do something to stand out. Call me an extrovert. While I was training I just thought of how much time I invested into finishing and I wanted to make it memorable for myself. The only way I know how to do that is to go over the top and make it memorable to everyone else. I don’t know. I just wanted to share the moment with everyone. I have a ton of fun in every single race. It doesn’t matter if I feel like crap or am nailing a PR, the one thing I pride myself on is never forgetting to have fun and enjoying the moment I am in “right now”… To be honest, I was really aiming to get in a couple more strides on my hands in but, well, I was exhausted… I have a burning desire to top it in Canada next year… Open to suggestions but I have a few thoughts in place already.

BHall: You have, what some would describe as, an unreasonable amount of enthusiasm and energy.  What pump-up music do you listen to before a race to bring that energy into razor sharp focus or do you just listen to the booming bass of your own war drum-like heartbeat?

Hafferty: “I hear your hearrrrrt beat to the beat of the drum, BOOM BOOM”… ahh I’ll listen to anything BHall… I sometimes thumb thru the radio stations and see how many songs I can pick up singing wherever it is (most of the times I do this I am alone).

I have been known to TJ (trainer jockey) the Landry’s indoor training sessions with Jorge and E3ers and I’ll be damned if the power increase over the 8 weeks wasn’t a little bit a result of the music we listened to on day one and the final test!!!... Trainer rides in the winter get long and boring and I have music-ADD so the thought of a full song kind gets old after a while… Enter EDM, dubstep, and mashups… HUGE FAN – 101.7fm the evolution… as some of you may know… it starts in Boston. I was down at the electric zoo festival the beginning of the month; mind-altering drugs and people dying aside, it was a great time…

BHall: Switching gears…Have your heard of Madlibs?  No?  Ok, then just fill in these blanks. Completed by Hafferty.

My favorite part about being on BTT is:___the golden speedo______ and if I could somehow inhabit the body of one current team member, it would be:___Brett Johnston_____because:__of the methodical and flamboyant way he sports the epic speedo__ and not because I like to wear other people’s skin as a mask. 

-A day without___Bullet Proof Coffee_____is a day not worth living but if I were forced to live such a day, it would be (in the arms of Brendan hall) because that is my favorite place in the world.

-The next place I’d really love to travel to is_usually bed__.

-Something that no one on the team knows about me is:__I can think of a movie line or Youtube clip in seconds that fits perfectly into the moment/conversation (see question one)__.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

2014 Boston Triathlon Team Indoor Time Trial

The Boston Triathlon Team is excited to announce our 6th Annual Indoor Time Trial:

The big blizzard of 2013 wiped out the ITT this past February. I know everyone was honest and raced alone in the garage/basement/dungeon before shoveling.

To prevent a repeat of cancellation the date has been pulled forward into early January (1/12/2014). This leaves room for a weather makeup date (2/9/2014).

Remember that Computrainers are completely without remorse. They don't care that you ate too much and trained too little. Start making early deposits in the Bank of Masochism.

Hope to see you there!

Matt Pokress
Boston Triathlon Team Athletics Director

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Membership Application Period Now Closed

Thank you to all who submitted applications to the Boston Triathlon Team. At this point, we are no longer accepting applications for the 2014 season. We encourage all interested to meet us at socials, to join us in training events, and to introduce yourselves at races. We look forward to seeing you in the 2014 season!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Accepting New Member Applications

The Boston Triathlon Team is now accepting new member applications through October 31st. More information is available on our website, and the application form is now available. Please direct all inquiries to Kelwin Conroy, our Membership Coordinator. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Week in Review: 9/9 - 9/15

The last full week of summer was a quiet one for BTT!

Saturday brought the Lobsterman Triathlon, a sprint up in Freeport, Maine, and The Duxbury Sprint Triathlon down on the south shore. Jeff Daily and Will Bruce both posted great times in Duxbury, while Sean McCormick, Ira Sills, Carlo Jacob, Tim Daley and Victoria Arrigoni represented up north. An extra congrats are due to Ira for winning his age group!

On Sunday, Sasha Dass stayed local by racing the Whole Foods 5K in Cambridge. Nice job, Sasha! Meanwhile, Chris Borges placed second in his age group at the Dover Sherborn Triathlon, where Geoff and Katherine Hollywood also teamed up to take 7th in the relay division. Congrats, you all!

We have just a few more weeks of triathlon season 2013. Keep up the great work!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week in Review: 9/3 - 9/8

BTT was busy this weekend! Brendan Hall and Brian Kearney kicked it off with the RunAgainstCancer Boston 5K Series on Thursday, where they took 8th and 3rd in their divisions, respectively.

Then, on Saturday, Trish Kelly, Mark Mullins and Jeff Kreher all raced the Hyannis Sprint II Triathlon. A special shout out is due to Trish for her third age group finish, her second  podium ever and first since 2007. Meanwhile, Juli Jones Davenport was busy in Pennsylvania taking 1st AG and 12 overall at the Lehigh Valley Health Network Via 5K Run. Congrats, Juli! A little farther north, Stephen Wall raced the half at the Demi-Esprit Triathlon in Montreal, taking 10th in his age group. Bill Reeves kept himself busy by taking first in age group (and went 5th overall) at Pumpkinman Sprint Triathlon in South Berwick, Maine. 

The next day, Bill raced again in the Pumpkinman Half Iron, where he won his age group again! Wow! He was joined by Matt Coarr and Nicole Kimborowicz, who also had great races. Jorge Martinez was nearby in Biddeford, Maine, where he won the Mainiac Sprint Triathlon. Congrats, Jorge! Sunday brought a few other big races, including Ironman Wisconsin, where Andy Hackett and Tom Christofili both represented in Madison, and Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Las Vegas, featuring our own Jen Scalise-Marinofsky. Laurie Damianos, Kyle Geiselman and Mary Beth Begley traveled to Washington, DC, where they all raced the Nation's Triathlon. Finally, Elaine Metcalf had a great day in Ontario at Ironman Muskoko 70.3 and Carrie Mosher took 2nd in her single-speed division at the Quad Cross, a 6.5 mile bike race in Maynard, MA.

What a great weekend! Keep it up while we can, BTT; fall is on it's way!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Week in Review: 8/26 - 9/2

BTT kicked off the holiday weekend at the Let's Run, Have Some Fun & Be Fit Summer Race Series 5K, where Billy Hafferty, Brendan Hall, Brian Kearney, Will Bruce and Ed Galante all posted quick times! Nice job, guys!

Then, on Saturday, Mary Beth Begley took second in her age group at the DQ Triathlon, a sprint in Marlton Lakes, New Jersey. Congrats on a great race, MB! Cory Flashner also had a good race at the Circle Triathlon in Holderness, New Hampshire. 

The biggest BTT race of Labor Day Weekend was Noah Manacas' participation in the Green Mountain Stage Race, a difficult 4 day cycling event in Vermont. Very impressive, Noah!

The summer is winding down, but not before some BTTers take on some big races these last few weeks of the 2013 season. Good luck to everyone racing this week and next!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Week in Review: 8/19 - 8/25

Happy almost Labor Day, BTT! Triathlon season is winding down, but that didn't keep us from a great weekend of racing!

The Tent Series Cranberry Triathlon Festival brought much blue and green down to Lakewood, MA. Athletic Director Matt Pokress and Bethany Edwards raced the Olympic, where both had good races. Matt placed 2nd in his age group and 7th overall. The crowd for the sprint was a little larger, with competitors Rachel Saks Aronis, Jimmy Ellis, Carlo Jacob, Chrissie Flashner, Kelly Jackson and Steve Sian. Extra congrats to Rachel for taking 2nd in her AG and Jimmy for taking 3rd in his. Ask Jimmy about what shoes he raced in after leaving his sneakers at home!

We had a good crew head up to Old Orchard Beach for the half Rev3, where Meg MacSwan took 2nd AG and 8th overall, Lauren Bonaca took 3rd AG and 9th overall, Ira Sills took 3rd AG, Katelyn Kane 6th, Bill Hafferty 9th  and Jason Soules had a good race, too. BTT relay participants Brian Kearney and Kayle Shapero teamed up to take first in the relay division! 

BTT also represented at a variety of under the radar races! Elaine Metcalf represented down in Medford Lakes, NJ, where she took 1st in her AG at the Medford Lakes Colony Sprint Triathlon. Swimmers Nik Pappastratis, Katie O'Dair and Pat Dwyer raced the Swim and Fin 5K in Salem, MA, where Katie and Nik took 2nd AG and Pat took 1st. Pete Jensen spent some time on his bike during the White Mountains Gran Fondo, a New Hampshire century ride and Bill Reeves took first overall at the DKH, Give it a Tri race in Plainfield, CT. Finally, Terry Reagan raced the laid-back, simple Crane's Beach Triathlon on Friday night. 

Great job, you all! Happy September!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Week in Review: 8/12 - 8/18

Wow, what a great weekend for BTT!

Mark Pelletier and Glen Cote decided to stick around town to race the local Westborough Sprint Triathlon, where they duked it out in their mutual age group. Rookie Andrew Trott also stayed local by taking first place in his age group at the Witch City Triathlon in Salem. Nice job!

A little farther north, BTT dominated Timberman 70.3. Tons of people raced, including Jorge Martinez, Brendan Hall, Brian Kearney, Kayle Shapero, Kiko Verdeguer, Danielle McLaughlin, Jess Douglas, Mary Beth Begley, Brenda Chroniak, Paul Newman and Janice Biederman. Congrats, everyone! Special kudos are due to Jorge and Kayle for qualifying for the 70.3 World Championship next year in Mont Tremblant and to Brenda, Jess and Danielle for their amazing half iron debuts. Mary Beth and Janice also narrowly missed the five-spot podium by taking 6th in their age groups.Check out Janice's race report if you would like to read about her great race, which earned her a PR!

And over the border in Mont Tremblant, Canada, Pat Dwyer, Amy Robinson Greenwood and Nik Pappastratis were busy rocking Ironman Mont Tremblant, where they all had amazing races. This was new member Nik's first Ironman and Pat took a Kona spot by placing 7th in his age group (and, while we're counting, it was his 9th Ironman).

We should all be so proud of BTT for weekends like this! Congrats to all of you!

Janice Biederman Timberman 70.3 Race Report

 Janice Biederman 
Timberman 70.3 
Race Report

Twenty years ago I did my first half-iron distance tri (FirmMan in Lancaster, MA).  On Sunday, August 18th, I did my 12th and I set a PR by 19 minutes for the distance and 25 minutes for the course.  Holy guacamole!

Timberman was my third half this season.  My first, Eagleman (aka, Tough Mudder meets 70.3) was a huge disappointment.  I had bike issues to add to the extremely muddy conditions and set a personal worst.   The second, Musselman (where I also had mechanical issues plus two competitors crashed on the bike course and died), wasn’t much better.  All I wanted at Timberman was to have fun, enjoy the day, and finish my season on a high note.  Mission very much accomplished.

The Swim
I love this swim.  The water is clean and there’s plenty of room for the field to spread out.  Aside from the body surfing necessitated by some really big boat wakes, my swim was relatively uneventful.  I got hit hard 3 times by some Michael Phelps wannabe but I returned the favor-his bruises should be cleared up in a week or so…  I tied my half-IM swim PR (down to the second!).

My transitions are usually pretty leisurely (a nice way of saying slow) but somehow I managed to get in and out fairly fast.  I think bypassing the wetsuit strippers helped me because flopping down on the ground, then trying to get back up wastes time for me.

The bike
The bike felt effortless and I felt awesome.  Even the climbs after mile 40 didn’t bother me. I did have two scares: one testosterone-fueled dude cut back in so soon after passing me that our wheels touched.  Hey guy, you’re not going as fast as you think and I’m not going as slow as you think.  The second scare came from another testosterone-laden dude (sorry, but it usually is the guys who cause problems) who passed on my right on a left-hand turn.  Our bikes were probably 3 inches apart.  That got my heart rate up!!  Anyway, it was a bike course PR for me.

Again, I managed to get in and out pretty fast.  Could this be a trend????

The Run
Ah, the run-always my worst event.  My “run” is so bad, that my run time is often longer than my bike time.  Not this time.  Even though I did my patented shuffle, I shuffled faster than I usually do. I PR’d the run.  Seeing other BTTers on the run just made it all the more fun.  One funny incident to report-pro winner (and all-around nice guy) Andy Potts was standing by the transition fence at the halfway point.  When I went by, he told me that I needed to run more erect and speed up my foot turnover.   Ummm, Andy, it may not look like it, but I’m sprinting right now!! 

The Aftermath
Despite posting my best time ever on the course, I missed the podium for the first time (by 3 minutes).  It truly is all about who shows up on the day.  Anyway, I can always buy maple syrup (the podium finishers’ prize).  I can’t buy a PR. 

This race was satisfying in so many ways.  I had hoped to better my half-IM time but I was realistically thinking in terms of a few minutes.  To set a PR by 19 minutes at the age of 63 is surreal.  Yes, the weather gods were very generous but the distance is still the distance.  Now, of course, I have my mind set on going faster next year.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Week in Review: 8/5 - 8/11

It was another great weekend for BTT!

Saturday brought the Olympic distance USAT Age Group National Championship, which brought Laurie Damianos, Jimmy Ellis, Maggie O'Toole and Bill Reeves to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bill took 6th in his division, qualifying him for the Age Group World Championship. Apparently Maggie didn't get enough on Saturday, as she went back for the sprint distance race on Sunday! Congrats, all!

Maggie wasn't the only one to race a double header this weekend. On Saturday, Carrie Mosher did her first off road triathlon, the Xterra Stoaked Standard Distance race in Hanover, NH, taking first in her age group. Talk about a nice debut! The next day, she headed down to Oxford, MA, where she took first overall female at the Hodges Village Dam & MA State Championship, a 19 mile mountain bike race. Nice job, Carrie!

The Sharon Triathlon was also on Sunday and, being a tent series race, we had a good showing from racers and volunteers alike. Jen Scalise-Marinofksy took first overall female, Juli Jones Davenport and Paul Newman both took 2nd in their divisions, Ira Sills took 3rd AG, Chris Borges went 4th AG and Bryan Canterbury and Steve Sian both had great races as well.

This weekend is a big one! Let's all send our Timberman, Ironman Mont-Tremblant, Westborough Sprint and Witch City racers off with hearty cheer and fast racing wishes! Good luck this weekend, BTT!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Week in Review: 7/29 - 8/4

Happy August, team!

Noah Manacas kicked off the new month on Friday with the first of three stages of the Tour of the Catskills. Over the weekend, he raced a total of 128 miles, because one day just isn't intense enough! Nice job, Noah!

Sunday was a great day for BTT, with both Kayle Shapero and Pat Dwyer winning their respective races! Kayle took first female and fifth overall at Marshmellow Man, a interestingly named sprint triathlon in Laconia, NH, and Pat took first overall at the Greenfield Lightlife Triathlon, an Olympic distance race in Greenfield, MA.

Meanwhile, we had some racers and volunteers at the Boston Triathlon, representing on our home turf! Trish Kelly raced the whole thing solo, taking fifth in her age group, while Rachel Saks Aronis, Mike Hollywood and Bethany Edwards Crocetti teamed up to take fifth in the relay division. Big thanks are also due to Mary Beth Begley, Katie O'Dair, Laurie Damianos, KC Connolly, Rachel Saks Aronis, Mark Nickerson, Dan Schorr, Sean McCormick, and Maggie O'Toole, who volunteered. 

This weekend brings USAT Nationals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Sharon Triathlon and Hodges Village Dam and MA State Championships. Good luck to everyone participating!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Week in Review: 7/22 - 7/28

Happy end of July, BTT!

Tim Daley kicked off the weekend by taking second in his division at the Mascomaman Half Triathlon in Enfield, NH! Looks like Tim's getting used to hanging out on the podium! The next day, BTT had a good showing at the Marshfield Duxbury Triathlon, where Regina O'Toole (in her post-baby debut), Maggie O'Toole and Jimmy Ellis all took 5th AG and Mary Lou Tierney took 9th AG. Nice work! Meanwhile, Sasha Dass took 7th in her AG at the Wildcat Sprint Triathlon and Carrie Mosher raced the Barn Burner, a 16 mile cycling race in Walpole, where she took 9th in her category. That's a lot of local top ten finishes for one weekend!

Much of the team was up in Lake Placid, whether it be to officiate, volunteer, spectate or race. Big kudos are due to Joe Kurtz, Bill Hafferty, Meg MacSwan, Lauran Bonaca, Katelyn Kane, Sean McCormick and Minna Kim Sams for their Ironman finishes! Way to grind it out on a tough course!

BTT will welcome the month of August with the PMC, Tour of the Catskills, Montreal Double Double and the Boston Triathlon. Good luck to those racing this weekend!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Week in Review: 7/15 - 7/21

Happy Hump Day, BTT! Congrats to all for surviving that last heat wave.

T'was the week between Mass State and IMLP and all was quiet! We did have a little blue and green racing in various events all over the country. (Yes, country, thanks to Lucy). 

Lucy Herzog is kicking it on the west coast, where she took fourth in her age group at the Goleta Beach Triathlon in Santa Barbara. LA living agrees with you, Lucy, though everyone in Boston misses you!

Brenda Chroniak also rocked her age group by taking third at the Athleta Iron Girl race in Webster, MA. This was the day after her other half, Noah Manacas, raced the NCC Tour of the Hilltowns, a 57 mile cycling race in Northampton, MA. No rest for this BTT couple!

Down in the islands, Matt Pawa took 9th in his age group at the Nantucket Hero Triathlon, the new Olympic distance addition to the popular Nantucket Sprint Triathlon. 

Finally, Joe Kurtz squeezed in a Lake Placid warm up swim by taking second in his division at the Nubble Light Challenge, a 2.4 mile ocean swim in York, Maine, though rumor has it the course ran a little long! The swim leg of IMLP will be a piece of cake for this guy, rolling start or not!

Next up this weekend we have the Mascomaman Half Triathlon, Ironman Lake Placid and the Marshfield Duxbury Triathlon. Good luck to everyone racing!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Week in Review: 7/8 - 7/14

Last weekend was a busy one for BTT!

Lori McKellar, Matt Pokress, Shay Pokress, Janice Biederman and Tom Christofili all headed down to the Finger Lakes to race the various Musselman Triathlon events. Matt, Janice and Tom took first, fifth and fourth, respectively, in their age groups in the half iron distance, while Shay raced the aquabike and Lori represented the day prior in the sprint. Supposedly this race gives out wine for their age groups awards, so maybe we can look forward to a larger BTT presence here next year!

Also on Saturday, Paul Newman took fourth in his division at the DAM Triathlon in Amesbury, Bethany Edwards raced the Falmouth Sprint Triathlon and Krista Schepanovsky took first female overall at the 24-hour (yes, you read that correctly, it was 24 hours) Saratoga 12/24 ultra-cycling race, where she rode 202.5 miles. Meanwhile, Sean Sullivan was busy supporting Dana-Farber Cancer Institute by participating in Swim Across America Boston Harbor Islands Swim!

The next day, Tim Daley took his first podium ever by winning his age group at the Ellington Sprint Triathlon in CT, while rookie Katharina Moser raced MUCH farther away at the Freiburg Triathlon in Freiburg, Germany. Closer to home, all of our Appleman Triathlon participants went top four in their age group! Juli Jones Davenport and Ira Sills both took 2nd in their age groups, while Karen Ghiron Looney took fourth in hers. Brenda Chroniak took to the hills of Vermont, where she took 12th in her division at the Stowe 8-Miler Road Race. Bill Hafferty and Jim Sweeney both raced the VERT Sasquatch Trail Run, and the name of the race makes it seem like the jokes here are endless.

Finally, we had quite the contingency at Mass State! Jorge Martinez, Bill Reeves and Jen Scalise-Marinofsky all took 1st AG, Kayle Shapero, Corey Hazekamp and Rachel Saks Aronis each took 3rd AG and Nik Pappastratis, Brian Kearney, Brendan Hall, Danielle McLaughlin (Hall!), Andrew Trott, Jess Douglas, Ed Galante, Mary Beth Begley, Mark Nickerson, Carlo Jacob, Tori Stevens, Laura Miyakawa and Trish Kelly also had great races, despite some hot weather and some bad tire karma. Kelwin Conroy and Trish Henwood also teamed up to win the women's relay division.

Congrats, all! Keep on representing BTT so well!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Week in Review: 7/1-7/7

Happy July, all!

It was a quiet week for BTT, presumably because most of our teammates were spending the holiday grilling instead of racing. However, we had two Independence Day runners: Gregg Tucci ran the Irondequoit 10K in Irondequoit, New York, where he placed 14 in his division, and Tim Daley placed 9th in his division at the Center Harbor Foot Race, a 5 miler in Center Harbor, NH. Nice job, guys!

The weekend brought two local triathlons. Bill Hafferty and Tim Daley both raced the Whaling City Triathlon in New Bedford, where they went 4th and 9th in their age groups, respectively. Andy Hackett also snuck down to placed 2nd in his age group at the YMCA Old Colony Triathlon in Middleboro, MA.

All was quiet the weekend before the Tent Series race Mass State Triathlon in Winchendon, along with a collection of other races in and around New England. BTT is sure to be represented well this weekend!

Monday, July 1, 2013

June in Review

Hey BTT! Happy July!

There are many race results to catch up on for the month of June!

We kicked off the month with a big racing weekend in a monster heat wave. Tom Christofili took a trip to Maryland, where he ran the Rock Hall International Triathlon. Not much farther north, Pat Dwyer took 1st AG and 3rd overall at New Jersey's Escape the Cape Triathlon in Cape May. Hannah must like the podium! Meanwhile, we had a great showing at the Tent Series Rev3 Quassy races in Middlebury, CT. Brian Kearney, Jimmy Ellis, Matt Pawa and Brenda Chroniak all raced Saturday's Olympic and Jorge Martinez, Bill Hafferty, Meg MacSwan, Lauren Bonaca, Brett Johnston, Amy Greenwood, Brett DeWolfe and Mark Nickerson all raced Sunday's half iron distance. Peter Jensen, Laura Miyakawa and Shay Pokress all stuck to running that weekend in the Winchester Town Day 5 Mile, Newton 10K and MIT FinishLine 5K Sean Collier Memorial road races, respectively. We all deserve a big pat on the back for surviving these races, whether racing or spectating, without melting!

The next weekend of June 8 -9 brought out the best in the ladies of BTT! At Onset's Escape the Cape Triathlon, Kayle Shapero took 2nd overall and 1st AG, Rachel Saks Aronis took 2nd AG (in her smokin' post-baby debut), Mary Beth Begley took 2nd AG and Laurie Damianos took 5th in her division, too. Down in Columbia, MD, Jen Scalise-Marinofsky, Elaine Metcalf, Trish Kelly and Janice Biederman all rocked Eagleman 70.3, where Jen picked up a Vegas slot. Lucy Herzog made Boston proud at the Redondo Beach Triathlon, since she is now a west coast resident (much to our dismay) and Brenda Chroniak placed 2nd AG at the Tufts Medical Center Harbor Walk & Run 5K. Bill Hafferty represented all the guys, with just a little bit of pressure, by placing third in his age group at the Hyannis Sprint Triathlon.

On June 15, Matt Pokress, Joe Kurtz and Sean McCormick all ventured up to Franconia, NH, for the inaugural White Mountains Triathlon, where Matt took 1st AG and 2nd overall, Joe took 2nd AG and Sean finished top ten in his AG as well. BTT does well on those hills New Hampshire roads, even if the course didn't venture over to the Kanc! Tori Stevens, Andy Hackett, Nicole Kimborowicz, Krista Schepanovsky and Brian Kearney were all doing their fair share of climbing up north as they completed the Harpoon B2B while Michael Corcoran, Samantha Noonan, Mark Mullins and Minna Kim took on the Patriot Half Iron in Freetown, MA. Special shout out to rookie Sam for taking third overall female! Gregg Tucci snuck off to race the Ashland Sprint Triathlon while Elaine Metcalf, Bryan Canterbury, Jen Scalise-Marinofsky and Laurie Damianos raced the Wayland 1-Mile Swim. Elaine and Bryan participated in the wetsuit division while Jen and Laurie raced sans-neoprene.

Bill Hafferty kicked off the official first day of summer by taking 2nd in his AG at the Summer Solstice Sprint Triathlon, and later that weekend, Tom Christofili rocked the Williamsburg Rev3 Half Iron and Ira Sills took third in his AG at Mont-Tremblant 70.3. Trish Kelly, Mark Mullins, Steve Sian and Stacy Schweihs all supported the Boston Athletic Association by racing their 10K in Boston, and, much further west, Kristin Condon ran the Kona Half Marathon with her daughter, Kaylyn, in tow.

We closed out the month with our biggest weekend of racing yet this year, with 17 racers at Cohasset alone! Big congrats to Matt Pokress (4th AG and 5th overall), Corey Hazekamp (2nd AG), Jason Soules (2nd AG), Matt Pawa, Kiko Verdeguer, Katelyn Kane (3rd AG), Trish Henwood (1st AG), Kelwin Conroy, Jay Higginbottom, Jess Douglas, Paul Newman, Kyle Geiselman, Mark Mullins, Nicole Kimborowicz, Laurie Damianos, Carlo Jacob & Stacy Schweihs for representing BTT so well at this local Tent Series sprint triathlon. It's safe to say that BTT showed Scott Brown, Gabriel Gomez and Gary Hall, Jr. that we run this town! Kelwin Conroy was also coming off the Let's Run and Be Fit Summer Race Series 5K road race. BTT also put on a great showing at the New England Trifest Half Ironman, where Bill Hafferty, Brian Kearney, Lauren Bonaca, Pat Dwyer and Kayle Shapero all took first in their age groups and Mary Beth Begley took 4th in hers. Finally, Ed Galante, Brett DeWolfe, Matt Coarr and Jimmy Ellis made all of us proud by racing Ironman Austria on Sunday. Race reports are a must, guys!

What a month! Congrats to all for kicking off the 2013 season with a bang. This weekend will be a quiet one, with only Andy Hackett racing the Old Colony YMCA Triathlon on Sunday. Feel free to look forward to more frequent week-in-reviews!

Happy training!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston Marathon Tragedy

Dear Team,

Yesterday I had no words to express what I was feeling and no capacity to process the range of responses I was experiencing: disbelief, shock, panic, outrage, disgust, horror, hope, sadness, depression, and - worst of all - fear.

The Boston Marathon means so much to so many of us. It is a long-term tradition for both the city of Boston and for members of the Boston Triathlon Team. It represents a day of competition, personal challenge, and the results of months of hard work. It represents volunteering, charitable donations, and support for our friends, family, and team mates. It's a day of accomplishment, a day of giving, and a day of celebration. It's an event many of us look forward to all year.

That has forever been changed. The question in our minds is why? Why would someone do something so horrific?

I won't attempt to answer that. Instead, I want to focus on the outpouring of support, caring, and giving. From our BTT doctors at the scene, to our team network using a combination of social media / email / text / phone to locate our team members quickly and reconnect them with family, to so many who offered their homes to those with nowhere to go, to everyone who is wearing a BAA shirt to work today. The number of phone calls, texts, email messages, tweets, and Facebook posts I personally received from friends, family, coworkers, and former BTT members from around the world simply astounded me. I know many of you experienced a similar outpouring of love and concern. Even in ugliness, the good will prevail.

The words above are my own, but I speak for the entire EC in that we are all truly stunned and saddened by the horrific events of yesterday. However, even in tragedy, it still feels amazing to be part of such a strong and caring community. We hope that friends and family of BTT remain safe. Please join us in keeping yesterday's victims, their friends, and their family in our thoughts during this unsettling time.

Week in Review: 4/17/2013

by Brenda Chroniak

How do I even begin to sum this past weekend's events up? I'm probably not alone when I say that I feel indescribably sad, to the point where it almost hurts physically. That I'm not sleeping well and that no amount of concealer can hide the "I've been crying off and on for two days straight" circles under my eyes. But I'm also very confident that I'm absolutely not alone when I say that Monday's events have made me want to hug people a little tighter and tell people how much they mean to me. That includes all of you, BTT.

I'm proud to call myself a member of the team. I'm proud to race and train alongside you, and to cheer for you as you accomplish incredible feats of athleticism. I'm proud and honored to count you among my dearest friends. I'm proud to wear the blue and green.

I'm proud of Trish Kelly for her great race at the BAA 5K. I'm proud of Tim Daley and Noah Manacas for taking on the challenge of racing the Tour of the Battenkill and excelling. And I'm proud of everyone who trained hard all winter and lined up in Hopkinton on Monday, whether they received an official time or whether the monsters behind it all robbed them of their finish line-- I'm proud of YOU, Ed Galante, Paul Newman, Meg MacSwan, Minna Kim, Joe Kurtz, Eric Lambi, Elaine Metcalf, Terry Reagan, Matt Bergin, Jimmy Ellis, and Mark Mullins. And I'm proud of everyone else who may have raced this weekend.

BTT, you hold a special place in my heart and I'm just so glad that everyone is safe and accounted for. Please accept this virtual hug, until I see you next to exchange it for the real thing.

Much Love,

Friday, April 12, 2013

Week in Review: 4/12/2013

by Brenda Chroniak

April showers bring May flowers, and April training brings summer racing!

Since I last left you, only four people have logged in race results, though I know many of you participated in the TRI-MANIA Team Challenge a few weeks ago, and others ran the Doyle's 5-Miler last weekend.

While I won't give shout-outs to those who don't post results, I WILL boast that BTT took 6th place overall at the TRI-MANIA challenge. Congrats to everyone for their hard work and many thanks to the teammates who volunteered in the booth that day. Word on the street is that every last one of our flyers was distributed, so hopefully that will mean LOTS of fun new people to train with this summer, and LOTS of great applicants in the fall!

On the 25th, Anthony Low ran a speedy 2:28:53 in the Eastern States 20-Miler, then on the 30th we had a great BTT showing at Shifter's 5K, where Jorge Martinez placed first in his division and third overall, and Tim Daley and Ed Galante both had great races.

This weekend Tim Daley (who posted his race goal...) will be riding in the challenging Tour of the Battenkill, which I've heard described as "Neutral start. Climb. Climb. Dirt dirt. Rocks. Wind. More dirt. Climb climb. Rocks again. Cry. Curse. Climb. Sprint." Good luck, Tim! 

And then I hear there's some running race happening on Monday? Pretty small, right? Not a big deal?  KIDDING. 

Wishing the very best of luck to Ed Galante, Minna Kim, Joe Kurtz, Eric Lambi, Meg MacSwan, Paul Newman, and Terry Reagan (who all posted their race goals...) as they take on the Boston Marathon. May the wind be at your backs and cold Harpoons be waiting for you at the end!  And thanks in advance to everyone who will be volunteering with our sponsor PowerBar.

Have a great weekend everyone and please please please post your goals and results so I can properly shout-out everyone's hard work and dedication.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Week in Review: 3/20/2013

by Brenda Chroniak

Happy Spring, BTT and Friends! The Groundhog may have lied, but I'm telling the truth--in honor of the first day of spring, Week In Review is back! So be sure to post your race results and season goals, please.

This past weekend, the luck of the Irish was with BTT, as we saw terrific results! Nick Pappastratis placed fourth in his age group and fifth overall at the the Boys & Girls Club St. Pats 5K, Kelwin Conroy had a great finish at the NYC Half Marathon, and Eric Lambi, Mark Vautour, James Ellis, and Jen Scalise-Marinofsky all crushed the New Bedford Half Marathon. Nice work, guys.

The weekend of March 9 and 10, Nicole Kimborowicz got her snowshoe on at the Granite State Snowshoe Championship, placing 15th in her division, then ran the Ras Na Heiraenn 5K the following day, along with Bryan Canterbury, and both had great races.

Going back in time another week, the month of March kicked off with Mark Vautour placing 12th in his division at Stu's 30K and Meg MacSwan placing third in hers and fourth overall at the Black Cat 20-miler. Way to bring March in like a lion!

Congrats to everyone for a solid month of racing, and let's keep it up this weekend at the Tri-Mania Team Challenge and the Fast Splits ITT!

Here's to the start of a great spring, and to Tri season being just around the corner. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Boston Triathlon Team 2012 Year End Summary Report

The Boston Triathlon Team continues to be one of the most popular and well known teams in the area. This past year, we had one of our highest retention rates ever, leaving just a few spots for new members. 

With so many active members, the team had another fabulous year of training, racing, volunteering, and socializing. In 2012, BTT raced over 11 thousand miles by participating in 234 triathlons, duathlons, running races, cycling races, cyclocross events, and open water swims - of all distances. 

BTT hosted its 4th annual Indoor Time Trial at Landry's Bicycles in Boston. Thanks to our members for participating, volunteering, and lending their CompuTrainers to make a successful event, we were able to increase our charitable contribution to World Bicycle Relief from $750 to $1,000 in 2012.

Team members organized group swims at Walden Pond, Sunday Group Runs (SGRs), Battle Road runs, track workouts, weekend rides, the infamous King of the Hill series, and breakfast at Helen's. Members took a break from training and attended monthly socials at local bars. BTT socials continue to remain an excellent forum for meeting prospective new candidates. At-Home socials debuted in 2011 and returned again in 2012 as another way for members to get to know each other in an informal setting. Sponsor Appreciation Night has become a new tradition and a way to kick back after a long season. As always, Training Weekend at Waterville Valley and the December Pub Run were fun-filled, exhausting, and well-attended.

After such a great 2012, we look forward to 2013 with anticipation. We say farewell to a few friends but welcome a whopping 21 new members to our ranks.

BTT is grateful to all of our sponsors and supporters who provide us with discounts, services and products; subsidize our uniform and Training Weekend; and provide us with our snazzy podium shirts. We wear their logos proudly and are happy to see their continued support in 2013.

Stay happy and healthy, BTT!

Athletics Update
The racing calendar for Boston area triathletes is governed by the climate. We start the year limited (by temperature) to road races. Some travel south in early spring to race in triathlons, but most wait until June to start in earnest. Summer is furious, with races nearly every weekend. It is punctuated with key races in Lake Placid, Burlington, Mont Tremblant, Gilford, and Las Vegas. The autumn transition drives most back to road races, although a few switch over to race bikes in the mud.

Notable 2012 Highlights:
  • 44 Half Marathon Finishes: Hyannis had the biggest showing with 19 athletes supporting our long time sponsor BA Event Promotions
  • 12 Marathon Finishes: Five Boston Marathon qualifiers
  • 19 Ironman Finishes: Four finishes at the Ironman World Championships in Kona
  • 41 Half Ironman Finishes: Three finishes at the 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas
  • 95 Triathlon Age Group Podiums
  • 54 Triathlon Age Group Wins
  • 14 Triathlon Overall Podiums
  • 8 Triathlon Overall Wins

Financial Update
BTT continues to maintain a strong financial base due mainly to our membership and sponsors. Forty-five percent of our revenue is derived from our Sponsors, 36% from our Membership fees and 12% from the BTT Indoor Time Trial. In the 2012 budget, $7,000 in additional funds was allotted towards new member gifts, and donations to worthy organizations based on the results of the 2011 Long Term Planning Survey. In addition, the uniform and Training Weekend subsidies were increased for all active members, and membership fees were maintained at the 2011 levels.

Membership Update
In 2012 membership totaled 124 BTTers – 118 Active and 6 Associate. We had seven of the ten rookies take advantage of the volunteer Mentor Program where experienced members advised rookies throughout the year on training, racing and making the most of their BTT experience. We’ve surveyed the participants for feedback to enhance the program for the 2013 rookie class.
Also in 2012, we introduced a web-based Membership Handbook for all BTTers.
Our Associate levels tripled in 2013 which allowed a new member class of twenty-one. I am happy to announce that all 2012 rookies renewed in 2013.

Social and Special Events Update
BTT members kicked off 2012 with our annual winter event in Harpoon's Tasting room. As the weather got warmer, we met up again at our annual Training Weekend in Waterville Valley, NH in May. We had a record number of attendees including members and friends of BTT. Throughout the year, we continued with our monthly socials at local bars and restaurants, and were even able to have a few at-home socials in the homes of our members with products provided by our sponsors. We finalized our social calendar with a fun End of the Year Banquet complete with a slideshow, awards, good food, and great fun with BTT friends!

Sponsorship Update
In 2012, BTT retained eight sponsors from 2011 with a total cash contribution of $10,750. BTT received another $2,900 in revenue from the Indoor Time Trial hosted by Landry’s Bicycles with an additional donation to World Bicycle Relief. Long time sponsors, Power Bar and Harpoon, also provided the team with in-kind gifts of their products. QT2 Coaching and 90+ both opted to move to Supporter Status and, in addition, we added E3 Training Solutions and Hint water as team supporters.

Uniforms and Gear Update
2012 saw a change in our uniform supplier and updated design. Sugoi was selected as the manufacturer and, given the positive feedback, will remain our uniform vendor for 2013. New BTT camp chairs and water bottles were distributed to active members. Podium shirts now include the race year so you know which one to pull out of your drawer on race day. In 2013, hoodies and track jackets will be available for purchase along with a few other surprises.

Volunteer Update
Active members were once again required to volunteer at one of the twelve official volunteer events. More than 20 opted to volunteer at more than one, and we had two winners this year for members who volunteered the most – two outstanding rookies. Volunteering is an essential part of every race and is an opportunity for us to give back to the sport and to our fellow racers.