Friday, October 12, 2012

Race Report: Run for Someone Else's Life 5K

by Lori McKellar

Here is the scoop about my race this weekend. Not really a race report - just the background for you.

I'm not sure if you know but I lost my best friend on August 11th.   (Unfortunately, this was the night before the Sharon Tri which I was supposed to race. That's why I was there cheering instead of racing).  Anyway, when I saw this race, I just had to participate in honor of my friend, Michele.  Michele was one of my biggest fans and supporters when it came to triathlon and we had become running buddies.  I helped mentor her through her first 5K and we also ran the "Chilmark 5K" and the "Stow Gobbler" together each year.

I added her name to the memorial list, and having learned that crying while running renders one unable to breathe, my goal was to simply to run it without crying (HTFU!).  Although I usually avoid being in the middle of a pack, it was somehow comforting this time (although I knew my time would be crap!).  I fought back the tears but once I crossed the finish line, I walked away from the crowd and absolutely lost it.  This is where I learned that sometimes people do extend extreme kindness and compassion to complete strangers.  Pretty amazing!  

All this said, I was glad I participated and it was good for me to get back out there and achieve a goal. (I had a DNF at Dover Sherborn a few weeks ago due to a bike mechanical with my rear brake and needless to say, I was pretty pissed.)

This race isn't anything to brag about except that I got out there and did something to honor my friend and that would make her smile.

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