Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week in Review

by Brenda Chroniak

Greeting from Vermont, BTT! Noah Manacas is kicking off the first stage of the Green Mountain Stage Race today and I'm Sherpa-ing. Good luck, Noah! And that's a nice segue to let everyone know that I don't discriminate in posting race results. Triathlon, running, cycling, swimming, cyclocross, trail racing, etc., I don't care what sport you log in. As long as you list it, I will give you a much deserved shout-out.

He's the only team member crazy enough to be racing every day this weekend, but there are plenty of others with races this weekend, too. Good luck to Kim Kaltreider, Audrey Perlow, Tim Daly, and Sue Bruce!

Taking a look back at the week in racing that was, I don't know if BTT is having an exceptional racing season, or if I just never paid such close attention before, but we had another killer, podium-filled weekend. Matt "Serious" Pokress outright won the Cranberry Olympic and Chris Borges placed second in his age group, with Shay "Fun" Pokress and Matt Mead both having great races that day, too, and the previous day in the Sprint race, Meg MacSwan and Kelwin Conroy both won their age groups, and Meg was third female overall. BTT also won the relay division with the speedy team of Grace Tkach, Kathy Connolly, and Jen Tucker.

Also that weekend, Mary Beth Begley was third in her age group at the Memphis Soul 5k (thank you to those who volunteered), Bill Reeves was first in his age group and second overall at the Check for Change Sprint Tri, Ira Sills and Janice Biederman placed first and second in their respective age groups at Rev3 Old Orchard Beach, and Beth Edwards and Kim Kaltreider made up 2/3 of the 19-29F podium at Cranes Beach. Beth was third female OA that day, Kim was sixth female.

Is anyone else totally and completely impressed with what a talented and hard-working team we have?!? I sure am.

Happy Labor Day Weekend. Enjoy these last few days of summer. 

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