Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Race Report: ADK Bronze

by Krista Schepanovsky

This is not about a tri, but a bike race in Lake Placid. I thought some of you may be interested as many have done IMUSA and also saw many BTTers at the movie about RAAM. Also, it was a really awesome race and though it’s been running since 1999, not too many people know about it.

Last weekend I did a bike race in the Lake Placid area that I have to say was one of the hardest I've done, but also super fun.

For those of you who know the LP course, it starts at the corner in Wilmington where you turn left to head back to LP, then down the Keene descent...but at the bottom of Keene rather that turn left to Jay, you make a right turn, and head another 90 or so miles toward Ticerondoga. This part got crazy at times...there are 2 major descents of approximately 2 miles—each  steeper than Keene—and there were many long stretches of nothing.

With just one checkpoint, you had to be really self-sufficient and have enough water, etc. Yes, I listened to all the warnings and made stupid errors of judgment here. At one point, we went through a town right before a major 6 mile climb that cruelly comes 115 miles into the loop, and I thought, no I do not want to get passed, so I do not need to stop for more water...then the climb began...and went on...and on. I cursed and hated myself, and then finally saw a bar and patio at the top of Hurricane Mt before Keene...I stumbled INTO the bar and caught a glimpse of myself in one of the pub mirrors and was barely recognizable-looked like sh!t, beet red, patches of zinc and sweat...and bartender says: "wow, you sure look like you could use a beer!" Hell yeah! But, had 20 or so miles to was a 2 mile descent into the other side of Keene, then back on the LP course, Jay to Wilmington.

The amazing thing was this was a 136 mile race that was part of a FOUR LOOP course...and those who finished in the time limit qualified for RAAM solo. This is known as the hardest of all the RAAM qualifiers and I can see why now--the 540 miles is daunting enough, but there are so many other factors that make it difficult. After riding the course I began to understand the crazy logistics behind riding and crewing such a race...not only are there limited services and one checkpoint, the temps ranged from mid 80s during the day to 30s at night, high wind gusts, rain, etc..and every time I thought something was tough I would remember the other crazy fellows going around three more times! And to imagine those descents at night-unreal!

I met some really interesting people, RAAM vets and other crazy folk, and it was interesting to see how bikes were set up, talk about how they trained, what they ate, etc... There is so much I could go into here!

I highly recommend this! It was a blast. Or, if you are in LP, check out the course. The cue sheet and info can be found here:

They also have a preview ride of the course in June, and some other interesting rides. Next up is an overnight century at Halloween. If you’re interested-let me know! We are planning our costumes! ;)

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