Saturday, August 25, 2012

Week in Review: 8/25/2012

by Brenda Chroniak

Welcome to the weekend, BTT! I waited until the last possible moment to send this out so everyone who raced last weekend could get their results in and send race reports. Thank you to everyone who did.

Let's start off with a HUGE CONGRATS to everyone who raced and an even HUGER (is that a word?) congrats to Austin Whitman for his Kona qualification at Ironman Mt. Tremblant, placing 4th in his age group. Clearly the Canadian air agreed with him, and it seems he wasn't the only one--Brendan Hall, Will Bruce, Matt Coarr, Mike Corcoran, Ed Galante, Kayle Shapero, and Paul Newman all had fantastic races. It's also worth noting that Kayle was the 3rd Age Group woman out of the water that day, placing 11th in her age group--in her first-ever Ironman. YOU GO, GIRL!

Word on the street is the group that went up to race had a phenomenal time, and Hard Coarr put together a very thorough race report, so if you're thinking of taking on Tremblant next year, if you've already registered, or if you just want to hear what his race was like, take a read!

Last weekend was also a big weekend in Gilford, NH, at Timberman, with Tim Daley, Jamie Strain, Mark Vautour, and Trish Weston racing the 70.3 and Grace Tkach and Maggie O'Toole doing the sprint. That Saturday Maggie totally crushed it, placing third in her age group, and Grace had a terrific race, too, then Sunday we had Jamie and Trish both on the podium, placing third and second in their respective age groups, with Mark and Tim both posting solid times as well.

Of course, last weekend was also Age Group Nationals in Burlington VT, and BTT had a strong showing with Pat Dwyer, Jamie Strain, Sean Sullivan, Meg MacSwan, Laura Miyakawa, and Jess Douglas all in the Olympic race, and Audrey Perlow racing the sprint. Pat and Jamie both finished top ten in their age groups, despite a crazy choppy swim, and there were a lot of other great results and PRs across the board that day. Thanks to Laura and Audrey for both writing up great race reports.(Laura's here. Audrey's here.)

A shout out is also due to Mark Pelletier for a solid race at the Westborough sprint, and because our athletes do more than just triathlon to stay in shape and keep sharp, Brett Johnston and Steve Sian both ran a crazy 50K trail race with strong finishes, and Chris Borges posted a great time at the Providence Rock N Roll Half Marathon.

Last but not least, I'll leave you with a really nice Ironman Lake Placid race report from Matt "Serious" Pokress. 

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