Thursday, July 26, 2012

Race Report: Nantucket Triathlon

by Matt Pawa 

I had a great race on Nantucket but narrowly missed the podium this year. But it wouldn't have mattered because the results were TOTALLY scrambled by the mayhem in the water. 

The ocean current swept so many people away they had to stop the race for an hour (after my wave had already left). They then re-started the rest of the waves with a shortened swim. Because of the different swim lengths for different waves, they ultimately decided to throw out the swim and calculate results based on the bike and run only, thus resulting in people getting evicted from the podium who had gotten there fair and square within their own wave. Total disaster. Lots of very unhappy people. Thank God I didn't podium because if I had, then for sure they would have evicted me given my pathetic running skills. 

I came in fourth in my age group before they scrambled the results. But it was a beautiful day, a beautiful course, and Scott Brown invited me to ride the PMC with him and his buddies, thus putting me in a serious conflict between my political views and personal desire to have a further brush with fame. 

And oh yeah - I never really noticed the currents, so I must be doing something right in my training. Peace out.

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