Thursday, June 21, 2012

Week in Review: June 21, 2012

by Brenda Chroniak

Happy Summer, BTT! I hope everyone is training safely in this heat wave and making sure to hydrate.

We had lots of BTT-ers racing last weekend at the Ashland Lions Sprint and Olympic Triathlons, the Warhill 5K, the Patriot Half, and the Quad City Triathlon and, as usual, there were quite a few podium finishes. 

Congrats to Jason and Carolyn Soules, Lauren Bonaca, Audrey Perlow, Jamie Strain, Ira Sills, and Tom Christofili for ALL TAKING FIRST IN THEIR AGE GROUP AT THEIR RESPECTIVE RACES!   BTT? #winning!  

Kudos are also due to Jeff Aronis, Mark Vautour, and Laurie Damianos for their top-10 age group finishes, and to Tim Dewland and Mark Pelletier for their strong results. 

Also this past weekend, six lovely BTT ladies (Maggie and Regina O'Toole, Katie O'Dair, Rachel Aronis, Juli Davenport, and Karen Ghiron) participated in the MOPO which, after a little Google searching, I learned is a mile or half-mile open water swim in Wellesley at Morse's Pond. I was wondering why all their results are listed as "0," and after a little more Google searching I found this article from last year's MOPO which explains that the swim is non-competitive and, thus, not timed ...although a little bird told me that Katie O'Dair was first out of the water. I must give credit where credit is due!

And did anyone look at the results page and notice that Matt Pokress, Joe Kurtz, and Austin Whitman didn't race this weekend? Here's what they were up to, with the help of Chris Borges - read Matt's report

This coming weekend, you'll see teammates blazing the courses of the Challenge Cup Marathon Relay, the Wayland One and Three-Mile Swims, the BAA 10K, the Cohasset Swim-Off, the Cohasset triathlon, the Buffalo Springs 70.3, the Webster Lake Tri, and the Syracuse 70.3. Good luck to Audrey Perlow, Bryan Canterbury, Jeff Aronis, Jess Douglas, Eric Lambi, Mary Beth Begley, Maggie O'Toole, Grace Tkach, Ed Galante, Sean McCormick, Erica Allen, Kyle Geiselman, Kim Kaltreider, Pat Dwyer, Matt Coarr, Sasha Dass, Lucy Herzog, Meg MacSwan, Laurie Damianos, and Laura Miyakawa!

Last but certainly not least, a special shout out to Trish Kelly, wishing her a speedy recovery. We're all thinking of you and wishing you well!

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