Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Week in Review: May 9, 2012

by Brenda Chroniak

'Twas the night before TW and all through Beantown, BTT-ers are checking their bikes up and down. They're looking at brake pads and trueing their spokes, while working out carpools and planning with folks. Their sneakers are ready, their bathing suits packed; the rooms are assigned, and by God there'll be snacks!

But before I skip town, there's one thing left to do. I have to and must send the Week In Review! And so I'll exclaim and will not dilly-dally, HAPPY TRAINING WEEKEND TO ALL! SEE YOU IN WATERVILLE VALLEY!

This past weekend Meg MacSwan and Doug Sherwood both got some podium time at the Total Image 5K and 10K. Congrats to Meg for placing first in her AG and second overall in the 10K, and to Doug for taking third in his AG and and 11th overall in the 5K. Talk about a power couple! And speaking of placing, Audrey Perlow took third in her AG at the Frederick Running Festival 5K. Way to go, Audrey!

Jamie Strain had a solid finish at the Avia Wildflower triathlon, and I'm also excited to be including some local tri results in the WIR. Summer is almost here! We had a great team showing at the Sudbury Sprint, including a podium finish for Sean Sullivan, who took first in his age group. High fives and hugs are also due to Sean McCormick, Elaine Metcalf, Gregg Tucci, and Steve Sian, who all had great race results.

This weekend, while many of us will be climbing the Kanc and hoping Pat Dwyer picks up the bar tab, others will be racing at the New England Season Opener. Good luck to Kim Kaltreider in the duathlon and to Matt Pawa and Peter Jensen who are racing the tri. 

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