Thursday, May 3, 2012

Week in Review: May 3, 2012

by Brenda Chroniak

If the damp weather has got you down, please allow me to brighten your week with Laurie's race report from Ironman 70.3 New Orleans! Congrats again to the BTT ladies who raced it.

Virtual high-fives are also due to Brett Johnston, who this past weekend finished his first 50K trail race in 4:35:52, coming in 13th overall, and to Matt Coarr and Bethany Edwards who had strong races at the James Joyce Ramble.

This weekend, Meg MacSwan and Doug Sherwood will be running the Total Image 10K and 5K, respectively; Bradon Larmon will race the Polar Bear Duathlon; and it will be the battle of the Seans at the Sudbury Sprint, as McCormick and Sullivan both represent BTT. Stay warm, guys!

Thanks to everyone who has been diligently posting race results and goals to keep the WIR alive! I hope you're all excited that King of the Hill/Queen of the Hill has started back up, and are looking forward to Training Weekend, which is fast approaching! Please get in touch with our social and athletics coordinators if you are interested in helping out with shopping/prepping or leading a ride/run.

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