Thursday, December 8, 2011

Brenda's Week in Review: December 8, 2011

by Brenda Chroniak

Given the drop in temperature this morning, I'm jealous just typing that this past weekend, Tim Daley, Laurie Damianos, Trish Kelly, and Katie O'Dair packed their bags and headed south for the Key West Triathon and Key West Sprint. I'm even more jealous to report that on a very windy day with a choppy swim, Katie and Laurie both made appearances on the podium-- Laurie took first in the Athena Masters category and Katie won her age group and took second in the Female Masters category overall. And rumor has it she would have been first, had the bike course not been blocked for 4 minutes (read all about it here), giving her opponent time to catch up. Trish and Tim also had great races, finishing 5th and 13th in their respective age groups. Nice job, guys!

Also this past weekend, Maggie O'Toole competed in the "North Face Endurance Challenge" trail race in San Francisco, posting a respectable 4:24 marathon, and back below the Mason-Dixon line, Audrey Perlow saw yet another podium this season, taking first in her age group at the Bread Run 10K. Way to go, ladies!

This coming weekend, most of the team will participate in a 6-ish mile endurance event. Let's just call it "interval training." Results won't be posted, but maybe next week I'll ask one of our rookies to contribute a report.

Until then, have fun this weekend, post your race goals, update your race results, and stay classy, BTT.


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  2. While 4:24 might be respectable I can't claim it as my own - I was merely one leg of a four legged relay, anchored by Wendy Ingraham and accompanied by BTT alums Steph Javaheri and Kristen Wozny!