Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Race Report: Pumpkinman

by Mark Vautour

For the second time in three years I raced the Pumpkinman half iron distance race (I would have missed it last year were it not for MB ringing the doorbell until I woke up).

Pumpkinman is a great family style (think Pokress clan) event. Great post race meal, friendly volunteers, and great venue for a low key, non Ironman experience.

I came to race with low expectations knowing that I hadn’t done much training since Ironman Germany. There was a great crew of 5 or 6 BTT racers and the weather was good. The venue is Spring Hill farm, a private property in South Berwick Maine. The website says it is an hour from Boston but it is more like an hour and a half. However this still fits into my rule of more racing time than driving time. A big turnout from Psycho, Wheelworks, and PBM teams.


A slightly convoluted 2 loop course. There were only small round buoys, no triangle buoys on the corners. The race started late due to intense fog but it eventually cleared. A good decision by the RD.


Two flat to rolling loops. Definitely a fast bike. Two water stops. No major hills. Not flat but not much to complain about. Roads in decent shape.


A rolling but not flat two loop course. Not the crowds that are on the sides of Timberman or Mooseman but still well supported. No race clocks at the mile markers (a pet peeve of mine if your Garmin isn’t working - maybe I should by a Timex).

Results. I’m not sure how the crew did other than Braden Larmon who, I believe, won his AG. Not sure on the details.

Price $225 fair.


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