Monday, September 26, 2011

Member Spotlight: Glen Cote

by Mary Beth Begley

Where are you from? And what do you do?

I grew up on a windy dirt road in the middle of the woods located in Westminster, Massachusetts. Think sleepy hollow; actually the name of my street is Frog Hollow Road.

I recently got a new job and now I am a Technical Sales Representative for H2O Engineering, Inc. We manufacture remediation systems that clean up contaminated soil and groundwater. This is a totally new career for me as I previously was an environmental consultant. So instead of dealing with regulators, miserable clients that have no money, and lawyers, I sell systems to regulators, miserable clients that have no money, and lawyers……… It has been very challenging for me switching my engineering brain to a sales brain, but so far it’s been a good change.

How did you get started in Triathlon?
One afternoon I was visiting my friends in South Boston and we started to talk to their neighbor. The topic of triathlons came up and this neighbor asked if we (KP and I) would like to do a triathlon with her. (See footnote 1.) I had been running around 4 miles per run and did a lot of mountain biking so I figured it was time to step my fat [expletive] up and start training for a goal. Although I thought I was in OK shape, I knew I had to do more to keep at bay inherited high cholesterol and a potential heart issue.

When was your first tri?
The first triathlon I registered for was canceled due to a hurricane that just missed Boston in 2006. Mary Beth, KP [Kristin Parlangeli], Mark [Pelletier], Nicky [Richer] and I trained together over the summer to complete the Boston Triathlon Sprint and the [expletive] thing got canceled. Honestly, we were all praying that it would be canceled after we walked around the race course the night before. We were all nervous about swimming 1/2 mile around the World Trade Center. It was pretty comical because our friends Matt and Marla made us a high carb dinner before the race and as we were sitting around the table eating when we found out the news of the cancelation. The second we got word, the beer and wine started to flow and instead of a nice early and restful night, we ended up partying all night long. Shocker……

What race?
Because the Boston Tri was cancelled we all decided to do the 5 Star Triathlon [now called TDD Triathlon] a couple weeks later. (See footnote 2.) We all felt more prepared for this race.

What is your favorite thing about triathlon?
Friendships first, then getting into shape second. I did competitive sports in high school and college and missed the “psyched up” feeling before a game. Triathlons give me that feeling back, as well as the feeling of accomplishment.

Your least favorite?
Waking up early in the morning to train and race.

When not swimming/biking or running, you can be found...
Cooking, cleaning and doing laundry……………ha ha. I like anything to do with the outdoors -- hiking, camping, fishing, hunting (see footnote 3), mountain biking, rock climbing, etc. I used to play the guitar, so when I get a chance I like to strum out a few songs on my acoustic guitar. I try to sing but I suck……I do like to cook, it relaxes me. And since I like to drink beer and wine, I also make it. (See footnote 4.)

What's your funniest/scariest/most memorable triathlon moment?
One particular event sticks in my mind. So it’s no secret I am not a morning person and I need my coffee and a shower to wake up. So, we all stayed at Mary Beth’s house down the Cape for one of the Hyannis Sprints. Well, 4:30 a.m. came and we are doing the morning routine and although MB doesn’t drink coffee, she bought it for all of us coffee drinkers. I get my cup of Joe and we all head to the race. For some reason I can’t wake up. I eat properly, went to bed early, and did my normal race morning routine………..What was the problem? The entire race I felt sluggish and not energized like I usually do. So we all head a back to MB’s house after the race and start to pack up the house. As we are cleaning the kitchen, Mark notices that the coffee that MB so graciously got for us was actually DECAF (see footnote 5)……….I knew something was wrong…..Needless to say, I always make sure I have Caffeinated Coffee on race day.

List three adjectives your friends would use to describe you.
I hope they would say funny, considerate, and hardworking. (See footnote 6.)

Do you have any role models or a favorite motivating/inspiring quote?
The little engine that could…..ha ha….My dad has been my motivating factor lately.

Favorite pre race song/meal/ritual.
Coffee, bananas, english muffin and peanut butter, several trips to the bathroom, and listening to Tool on the car ride. (This is mostly so I have some Angry Man music in my head for the swim instead of the corny crap the race director thinks are motivating songs, like “Foot Loose” or “We are the Champions”.

Finish this sentence: It may surprise you to learn.....
that I really don’t like beer. (See footnote 7.)

What attracted you to BTT?
The friendliness of the members, the fun activities, and the respect each member has for one another. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.

Mary Beth’s Footnotes:
1. I am the neighbor who got Glen and Kristin started in Triathlons.
2. We met Pat and Jen Dwyer at this triathlon & he introduced us to BTT. Thank you, Pat.
3. Thankfully, Glen is a very poor shot and he has never killed anything.
4. Glen makes great beer except for the Chocolate Raspberry that he made last winter and is still trying to get rid of.
5. Never send a non-coffee drinker to get your coffee.
6. I would add “generous and thoughtful.”
7. Anyone who has seen Glen at the Pub Run knows this is not true.

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