Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ed's Week in Review: September 15, 2011

By Ed Galante

Most would think after Labor Day the racing slows down, but BTT seems to be picking up! What a weekend for racing!!!

First over at Ironman World Champion 70.3, Jamie Strain and Tom Christofili represented the team strongly, both with well under 5 hour performances on a challenging course. Way to go guys!

Tom shares his experience with us.

Meanwhile, the Blue and Green were racing up a storm in Montreal, Canada. There were 4 races running simultaneously at the Esprit Triathlon, representing all four distances in triathlon and BTT represented well in all 4 of them! Beth Edwards dominated the Ironman distance race with a 2nd place age group finish. Meanwhile Mary Beth Begley was crushing the ½ Ironman distance race with a 3rd place age group finish. Also racing with MB were impressive performances by Brett Johnston, Brendan Hall, Noah Manacas, Tony Felos, Nicole Kimborowicz, Laurie Damianos, and Trish Kelly. Over at the Olympic distance race, Trish Henwood continues to find the podium with a 3rd place age group finish. Also coming in strong were Brian Kearney, Maggie O’Toole and Ed Galante. Finally we saw Meghan Kilroy dusting off her uniform along with Brenda Chroniak and Jim Sweeney, showing how the sprint is raced.

Brendan Hall talks about his experience.

Back in New England the Blue and Green was also seen at the Pumpkinman ½ Ironman. Braden Larmon was a blur on the course speeding his way to a first place age group finish and 16th overall. Keith Rousseau and Ira Sills also got the colors on the podium with 3rd place age group finishes in their respective divisions. We also saw great performances by Mark Vautour, Matt Coarr, Maura Olcese, and Michelle Rousseau.

Mark Vautour talks about his race.

Elsewhere we saw Nancy Arena continue to dominate her season with a 1st place age group finish 4th woman overall at the Hyannis Sprint; Lauren Bonaca who is no stranger to the podium with a 1st place age group finish 9th woman overall at the Lobsterman triathlon; Dave Mak also cruised through Lobsterman; Rachel Saks-Aronis once again finding her way to the podium with a 2nd place age group finish at the Run to the Rock race; Joe Kurtz reminding people that he is not just a dominate swimmer destroying the Nahant 30K Road Race; and Jeff Daily traveling across the country to make the team proud at Harvest Moon Long Course Triathlon.

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