Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DD Smart Cycling/Nutrition Clinic

Last Thursday June 16,2011 some members & coaches of Boston Triathlon Team had the opportunity to provide a cycling and nutritional training clinic for Dunkin' Donuts executives training for the Pan Mass Challenge through their new DDSMART brand menu.

DDSMART is their brand and corporate promise offering better for you menu alternatives and promoting an active lifestyle. All the products on Dunkin' Donuts menu with their DDSMART logo are options with reduced fat, calories, low in saturated fat, sugar, sodium, etc. A whole grain bagel with egg whites post a long ride could be a great recovery meal (carbohydrates and protein!). You can check some of their options on their website through their nutrition catalog!

Coaches Jess Douglas, Brett Johnston and Jorge Martinez, as well as members Paul Newman and Tom Cristofili provided a casual clinic about cycling training, group ride etiquette, traffic laws, training and nutrition, race fueling.

Paul and Tom shared their experience as triathletes and gave important tips in terms of group riding and bike handling.

Brett shared important information regarding common traffic laws, some of the challenges riders faced on the road and valuable safety tips in terms of what items are to important to bring on group rides.

Jorge discussed simple endurance training, nutrition and fueling in general. The talk included strategies to set up a fueling plan before, during a race and post-racing. It also included simple nutritional guidelines for endurance athletes, the role of glycogen in endurance racing and shared simple guidelines about exercise induced muscle cramping, side stitches and electrolytes.

Last but not least, Jessica shared her experiences as a Physical Therapist (MSPT, OCS) and athlete in terms of simple injury prevention tips and warm up/cool down strategies for cyclists. She invited the attendees to participate in some of the exercises which made it fun and interactive.

After the clinic, the speakers and DD executives headed out for a quick10 mile ride to review some of the topics discussed through the clinic and to have fun!

This was a great experience and we look forward to provide more support to DDSMART. The Boston Triathlon Team is among those Boston teams in their partnership program which include: the New England Patriots, Boston Bruins, Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics and New England Revolution!