Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BTT rocked Devilman Half Lite

By Mark Vatour,

Considering the length of the drive BTT had a large showing for Devilman in southern New Jersey this past weekend. Mary Beth, Jaimie Strain, Regina and Maggie O’Toole, Brendan Hall, and Beth Edwards made the trip South for warmer waters to start the season. Also in attendance were FOBtt Kelley Philben and Gary Rubin and his daughter Chrissy. While Glen Cote didn’t make the trip, his car did. Thanks Glen.

For those considering the race for next year there is a sprint distance and a half lite (meaning the distances are a bit wonky and are not a true half). All of us raced the half lite..

The Swim is in a bit of a Jersey swamp with a murky start. Two loops. The water was cold but no worse than Mooseman seems to be every year so not a lot to talk about here. The bike is as flat as can be and for the second year in row was tremendously windy. There are two loops on the bike in a lollipop type out and back course. Similar to the bike the run was dead flat as well. All things considered this in an easy course to start the year off.

As for Race quality it is more like a FIRM race than a Kieth Jordan race but still kind of charming. There could have been a few more volunteers at a view spots but all in all, decent event. I’d do it again provided I can keep talking people into driving down with me.

BTT brought home the hardware:
  • Jamie Strain 5th overall 2nd AG 
  • Brendan Hall 1st Clydesdale 
  • Beth Edwards (not to be confused with Bethany Edwards) 1st Athena
  • Maggie O’toole 2nd Athena
  • Regina O’toole 2nd AG 
As for me the highlights of the trip were at the Vince Lombardi truck stop and the half off frapachino at Green Goddess (Starbucks) on the way home. I did have an enjoyable time and would recommend the event.

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