Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Safety First

I don’t know what the exact lesson is here, but we’re sharing because this story can never be told enough…

“I (Tricia K.) had an incident with a helmet during the Weston Winter Tri in 2009. It was a run-bike-ski event. After biking I didn't take my helmet off for the ski portion of the event. It wasn't intentional-my helmet is pretty comfortable and I didn't know I still had it on while I was skiing.

I cleaned up my transition area (helmet still on), met up with everyone in the post race area (helmet still on), took group pictures (helmet still on).... by the way, thanks to Laurie, Sasha, Matt, Jeff, Jim, Pat, Mark, and everyone who didn't tell me I was still wearing my helmet. I got some hot chocolate and a bagel. I was chit-chatting with Sasha and really enjoying the post-race, all the while feeling really safe-because my helmet was still securely fastened to my head. I packed up my car and FINALLY, I went to the bathroom. Like most girls, I decided to check myself out in the mirror... OMG - I almost died laughing that I still had my helmet on.”

Here is Tricia and Sasha chatting post-race:

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  1. Actually, Trish, we just thought it might be safer for you to wear the helmet ALL THE TIME:)