Sunday, April 5, 2009

Week(s) in Review

I know, I know...this is a bit late. Many may find this hard to believe, but this is not my full time job! Anyway, we've got a lot to get to...actually, 3 weekends of racing. Two weeks ago was the New England Multisport Expo. It was a great event, and BTT had a great presence. Many BTTers took part in the time trial, including myself. However, since none of us posted our results, we can only acknowledge Stephen Wall:) Also, racing during the March 20-21st weekend was Sasha Dass, who travelled all the way to North Carolina to race (okay...she was actually just visiting a friend...but she raced nonetheless). Here's Sasha's report:

I took a trip down to Asheville, NC to visit my friend Jess (in picture). Asheville is a cute little hippie town nestled between the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains. In order to justify the copious amounts of microbrew I knew I would be drinking, I signed up for a 12K trail race sponsored by a local running store. The course wound through Dupont State Forest. Gorgeous rolling terrain, sunny skies, and 50F temps made for a perfect day. My knees were a bit sore due to the long downhills, and the steep uphills slowed me down, but overall we had a blast. I will definitely be on the lookout for more races down there. It's a mountain bike mecca as far as I can tell. Perhaps MTB racing is in my future? :)

Last weekend, the Cullings gals (Carolyn and Lauren) and Jason Soules headed to New Hampshire for the Eastern States 20 Miler and the Run For the Border Half Marathon. Lauren posted a strong 2:31:30 for the 20 Miler, as she gets ready to take on the Boston Marathon in 2 weeks. While Carolyn and Jason tackled the half in 1:37:47 and 1:33:44, respectively. Great job guys.

Also, yesterday, newbie Mike Williams traveled to Oceanside California for the California 70.3. Mike posted a time of 5:25 on the difficult course. Great job Mike on such an early season race! I'm sure we'll get a full report next week (hint!).

Lastly, congrats to Mr. Davenport, who's alma mater (Mich. St.) made it to the finals yesterday. I'm just scratching my head as to why he didn't pick them to win the whole thing?

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