Thursday, February 26, 2009

Week in Review- Feb. 26 "Day of the Volunteer"

This past weekend brought a horde of BTTers down to the Cape to either race or volunteer at the Hyannis Marathon/Half Marathon/10K. Overall, we had 12 members racing (if you didn't post your results, I didn't include you) and 20+ volunteers which included freinds, family members, and recruits from other teams (seriously). Grace wrote up the following about the day of the volunteers:

Thank you, thank you, Hyannis Volunteers!!
Spending a day volunteering at a water stop is something that every triathlete should do. It's not easy. And it's valuable being on the other side of the water table. It helps us as racers appreciate all the people that make a difference in our day. The volunteers don't have a glamorous job. They fill cups, hand out water, clean up after racers, and deal with the weather maybe even more so than the racers (moving really helps stay warm). Maybe that doesn't sound fun, but in reality when you get a bunch of BTT'ers and BTT friends together, the day flies by seamlessly, humorously, and enjoyably.

This is why I love BTT. Meghan and Marty planned on racing today, but when the other group that was supposed to help at the water stop bailed last minute, these two responded to our final desperate volunteer plea. They bagged their races and volunteered instead. Ed and Brian, both gimpy in knee braces, responded to the plea as well. These two aren't even supposed to be standing and they came to the rescue. Geoff was also a last minute rescue. Nicole recruited her parents who were so helpful and there until the bitter cold end. Brett's 11-year-old daughter (Nicole) was a great help while her dad raced. She filled cups, handed out water, and cleaned up, all with a cheery, sweet smile on her face.

The battle for Tent Series points did become a bit fierce. Shaun is the one we're going to have to watch this year. He's trying to get points for everything. "I handed out the most Gatorade - that should be points." I watched him meet someone at the water stop for the first time and then try to claim this poor guy as his volunteer recruit. Trish, though, did that successfully. At the registration table, she overheard a Team Psycho athlete say he couldn't race today, so she coerced him into volunteering with us. Points to Trish and thanks to Jason.

The year of the helmet continues - Jim on the bike with his ski helmet adorned with a big BTT sticker, of course. Dave Mak also led out the early start on the bike. No BTT sticker, no ski helmet, but still a great presence. Fischer was there charming all the racers with his cuteness, that is while he wasn't eating or watching Toy Story. New member Steve was great help, and didn't get too scared off by all the competitive banter. Get Tony and Shaun together and they just can't help competing and betting, even if it is "Who has the best water hand off...." We'll see if we scared off prospective member Nikki. She came to check out the team - hopefully she'll be back again!

Also thanks to those that came to help after their races: Brett, Meredith, Ali, Nicole, Jeff, and Rachel!!

Final thoughts of the day.... When you're racing, think about these things that can make your volunteers' day a little brighter:

1. Thank the people that are donating their day to help you have a great race.

2. Throw your cups/gels in the vicinity of a trash barrel, preferably in.

Also, Dave Mak added....A very special thanks to Grace for leading the volunteer event at Hyannis. Also, I think she should add a +1 to her tent series points since she's carrying the weight of two! (ed. note: Dave, I think Brady already recruited Graces +1).


On the racing front, we saw Elaine Metcalf tackle the full marathon distance on a unseasonably warm, but wet day. Great job! Matt Pokress set a PR in the half marathon. Joe Kurtz was right behind him (I think these guys are tethered when they train and race). However, if Joe didn't post his results....did he really race? Hmmm. Other racers in the half included Jason Soules and Lauren Cullings (8 seconds separated them...I think there was some drafting going on), Jeff Aronis, Stacy Suchodolski, Kate Blumberg, Ira Sills, Brett Johnson and Mark Pelletier. Rachel Saks and Meredith took on the 10K.

This week is the BTT Time Trial at Landrys. Come out and support your teammates! Here's the rundown from Mark Vatour:

What time should I arrive?

Due to the strictly scheduled nature of the event it is important to make sure you are ready to race on time. Please arrive an hour before your heat is scheduled to start. This will ensure time to register and warm up.

What to Bring?

If you do not have a trainer ready skewer we will have them here. There is no need to bring a trainer to warm up on as there will be trainers here to warm up on. Please make sure your bike is working properly ahead of time as things will be very busy during the event. Please bring a towel, water bottles, and your heart rate monitor if you plan to use one. If the weather permits we’ll warm up outside under tents so plan to dress accordingly.

Where do I park?

Street parking is free in Boston on Sundays. Check for metered spots in front of Landry’s. If you don’t have any luck try the parking garage on 121 Dummer Street in Brookline.,-95.677068&sspn=21.180361,56.25&ie=UTF8&ll=42.355943,-71.11712&spn=0.009609,0.027466&z=15&iwloc=addr

If you’d like to run while you’re here….Now to the roadies signed up for this just sounds crazy but for the tri guys we’ve got a run too. At 12:00 there will be 5 mile loop scheduled. If you need more mileage, run it twice. A good number of people have asked about running so it seems safe to expect a reasonable crowd.

When will results be posted?

Category winners will be announced after the last heat. Results will be available online the following day. I need to leave before I pick up my prize…Well aren’t we a bit presumptuous? In the event that you need to leave before all the heats are done we will make arrangements the following day to make sure everyone gets what’s their prize. When will the Power Tap hub be raffled?The Power Tap hub will be raffled off at the Multisport World Expo.

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