Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Week in (P)review

This weekend brings BTTers a few race options. First up is the Massachusetts Winter Triathlon, held at the Weston Ski Track on Saturday morning. The Winter Tri consists of a 5k run, 7.5k mtb, and a 6k skate ski. With the current snow falling, the conditions should be good. We have a few confirmed racers: Pat Dwyer (me), MIA BTT Vet John Wozny, Queen of the ski track Trish Kelly, and The Quiet Man Jim Sweeney. However, there are rumors floating around that several others could show up to race...we'll see if they have the guts! Even if you don't plan to race, come out and support your team. At the very least, you'll be able to laugh at us as we eat snow! If you're interested in racing, but not sure you can do the whole thing or just want to do one event, shoot me an email. I'm sure we can put some relays together.

Sunday brings us the Harpoon Indoor Time Trial. According to the BTT website, we have a few people racing...again Trish (how does she not have a true nickname yet?), Matt Pukress and Speedy Gonzalez Jorge Martinez. Yes, I'm taking nickname liberties:) However, from what I understand, there are a number of other BTTers racing. One of those racers won't be Shaun Brady...who at last count was trying to transfer his registration and looking to flee the country by air due to the grueling nature of the TT. Adios Shaun!

Also, a couple of administrative notes:

1. Mooseman is filling up. If you plan to race, register asap.

2. Both Rachel Saks (swim) and I (run) have offered our athletic services to one lucky biker at the Mooseman Half. Rachel and I are both racing the Olympic Distance Race on Saturday. If you'd like to do a relay with us on Sunday, let me know asap. Speed and ability don't matter...we just want to have fun. However, there's a good chance you'll leave NH with some hardware!

3. Don't wait to register for this summer's races. They're beginning to fill.

4. As of last Friday, there were only a few spots left for Juli's testing. If you haven't done this before, do it!
5. POST YOUR RESULTS...it's your duty as a member of BTT.

To all those racing....good luck this weekend!

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