Friday, January 16, 2009

BTT/Bikeway Source Skate Ski Clinics

We recently hosted our first BTT/Bikeway Source Skate Ski Clinic at the Weston Ski Track
Wednesday, January 14th. Chris Li, of the Bikeway Source, provided instruction for over an hour and a half to 12 participants of varying ability including first-timers and skiers with several years of experience.

Brave BTTers faced harsh temperatures in the low teens to attend this successful clinic. By the end of the evening, everyone was still smiling and zipping around the partially lit course.  In attendance were EC members and clinic organizers Pat Dwyer and Laurie Damianos, Maggie O'Toole, Alan White, Kathy (KC) Connolly, Austin Whitman, Matt Pokress, Jay Higginbottom, Meghan Kilroy, Jeff Aronis, Trish Kelly, and friend of BTTer Doug Fuller.

We plan to hold a second clinic next weekend during daylight hours. Stay tuned for details.

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